Our company was established in 2016. Despite the fact that the company is new, we have achieved a lot in short period of time. We have achieved it due to the culture of high quality service and responsible work of the professional crew.

Clean House is an organization performing complex cleaning for apartments and industrial objects. We apply advanced technologies of the cleaning industry and use safe substances and modern equipment.

The potential of the company’s service is wide. Apart from offering any kind of cleaning, we can comply with the client’s schedule and offer a possibility of both separate and general use of our services.

We are a modern cleaning company trying to optimize the quality of our services. According to this, we try to maintain the financial availability of our services in any kind of economical state.

The quality of a service is an index that forms client’s factor of contentment and is the most influencive. That is why we do pay attention to the quality of our services.

While performing the services, we pay a special attention to the professional and clean work and its efficiency. Coming from that, our goal is to become a leading company in the sphere of our service and provide our clients with a satisfactory result.