Cushioned furniture is a necessary interior element for every apartment and is most exposed to damage. Therefore cushioned furniture often gets dirty and needs regular cleaning.

“Clean House’s” Dry-cleaning of cushioned furniture service implies not only the cleansing of furniture. During the dry-cleaning all dirt, spots, filth and germs, that are placed deep in the furniture, are removed.

What does the dry-cleaning of cushioned furniture offer?

  • Deep cleansing in  hard-to-reach places;
  • Complex spots removal using a special way in which the structure and quality of the material does not get damaged;
  • Adding a “light”, hypoallergenic odor to furniture;
  • The final treatment: removing the remains of cleaners and final cleaning session.

During the dry-cleaning our professionals use different ways and techniques. We especially would like to note the application of antistatic agent, disinfector, stain remover.

Dry-cleaning of cushioned furniture includes sofas, armchairs, chairs, pillows and mattress cleaning. The process of cleaning is done with the use of hypoallergenic and ecologically clean chemical substances which is important for the families with babies.