No matter how joyful the fluster during the maintenance is, the cleaning of the industrial wasted afterwards is as tiresome. Getting rid of cement, glue and paint remains and different idustrial blemishes requires a special equipment, cleaning tools and  professional skills.

That’s when the cleansing squad of Clean House comes to help you with its cleaning skills.

What do we offer during the maintenance cleaning?

  • Overall floor cleaning with a special vacuum cleaner;
  • Cement, glue, paint, lacquer and other construction material spots removal with the help of special substances;
  • Floor and baseboard wet cleaning, plus cleaning with a special lustering substance;
  • Glass and mirror surfaces cleaning;
  • Electric wrenches and lighting equipment surfaces dust removal;
  • Furniture, interior accessory and chandeliers cleaning in case of their presence;
  • WC cleaning: cleaning tile from industrial wastes floor to ceiling; plumbing, glass and mirror surfaces cleaning;
  • Balcony cleaning: cleaning Metlakh tile from industrial wastes.