Windows and facades of all kinds of buildings is a part that is most exposed to the influence of the environmental processes. Windows, window frames and facades are the places where the dust and spots are piling up due to the rains and winds.

Considering that removing those spots and dust from these places is dangerous, it requires a professional skill.

“Clean House” professional climbers can clean your windows using the special substances that provide a high quality cleaning even on high. Advanced cleaning tools allow us to provide our clients with a more effective cleaning. Facades, it their turn, require a corresponding cleaning depending on their covering and its special features.

Depending on the facade material (paint, glass, stone and other), we use corresponding cleaning techniques to provide a high quality cleaning.

There are three ways of facade cleaning:

  • Severe maculation. In this case, special equipment is vital. The equipment and cleaners that we use in case of severe maculation will provide your apartment with a deep cleansing and long lasting results.
  • Facade cleaning with a complex milling. Numerous decor elements are characteristic of the objects with a complex milling. The application of the special equipment is not impossible in this case; the whole process is done manually using the special substances and very carefully, so it requires professional skills.
  • Facades with a limited area. Cleaning the facades of the complex buildings requires “industrial alpinism” and should be done manually. Even if it takes more time, the long lasting effects of it are worthy enough.