General cleaning is a hell on earth for working women at the end of the week and for housewives daily  cleaning is a tiresome ritual… The housework piling up during the day and the week requires a daily cleaning. Therefore some women waste most of their time on cleaning and cannot get a proper rest…

For this kind of situation Clean House offers you a “Daily and General Cleaning” service!
Due to the flawless skills of our workers every day of the week can become a general cleaning day!

Daily & general cleaning service is one of the most popular services for houses, workplaces and other kinds of accommodations.

What do we offer with our daily house and office cleaning?

  • Living rooms and hallway cleaning: removing dust from your furniture, wiping windows and mirrors with dry and wet rags, mopping the floor;
  • Kitchen cleaning: tables, refrigerator, cupboards and chimney cleaning, taking out trash, mopping the floor with the wet rag, gas stove cleaning, plumbing disinfection ;
  • WC cleaning: cleaning of the glass and mirror surfaces, tile and bath cleaning, plumbing disinfection, mopping the floor with the wet rag;

What do we offer with our general house and office cleaning?

  • Floor mopping with wet and dry rags;
  • Dust removal for all kinds of surfaces, glass and mirror surfaces cleaning;
  • Cleaning for all kinds of furniture (dust removal for the surface and the back side of the sofa);
  • Dust removal for office equipment;
  • WC cleaning (plumbing disinfection, toilet cleaning and disinfection);

During the cleaning of your apartment we use the newest equipment from Germany, therefore our cleaning service is known for its high quality and long effect.